How we make Buzzate

Not so long ago, we began our endeavour to form the planet a touch bit better. once we reminisce at the short but incredible distance we’ve already traversed, even we are quite a touch surprised. How did this come to be? It looks like we began only yesterday! But sometimes, when you’re enjoying the ride, you do not realize how briskly time flies.

Today, we thought we’d take an opportunity for a flash , and allow you to take a peek at us and the way we work together with your own eyes. We are Buzzate. And we’re delighted to welcome you aboard!

There weren’t many folks once we began making Buzzate. But now we’re a part of a way larger team, made from the foremost varied group of young and talented people. People with an entire range of interests, skills and backgrounds. We not only get along great, but have learned to coordinate our efforts and produce around 15-20 articles each day – articles we attempt to fill inspirationally and creativity.

All of our team has one thing in common, without which Buzzate would never have gotten off the ground: our overriding goal to realize perfection in our work. For us, every individual article we write is sort of a diamond which has got to undergo several stages of preparation until it’s absolutely perfectly cut and polished. We aren’t satisfied until every article is that the best, the foremost interesting and uplifting it are often for you. there is a little voice altogether of our heads which just won’t accept anything but ten out of ten!
We’re determined to stay to our chosen course and never get sidetracked onto the trail of banality. We’re not trying to find 1,000,000 likes, but 1,000,000 moments of inspiration for all our friends round the world.