7 Reasons Why German men’s relationship is perfect

The concept of the ideal man varies from country to country, but certain similar characteristics are considered to be highly attractive by most females. Some of them have broad shoulders, a tall build, and a pleasant sense of style, but more importantly, they wish for someone who will be trustworthy and honest. That’s when guys from Germany come in!

We at Buzzate have also established 7 compelling explanations why German men could be the ideal partners. Check out these below:

1. They are super tall and style-conscious.

Women LOVE tall men. In fact, when looking for a serious relationship, most women look for guys who are taller than them. Height can be a real deal-breaker for some and if that holds true for you too, single guys in Germany are waiting for you. Plus, they also dress classy and pay attention to their looks, which is a total bonus!

2. They are honest and not cheaters.

German men are loyal and strictly against infidelity. Most women who have been in relationships with German guys or are still with them can vouch for that. These men are also honest and don’t hold back their true thoughts and feelings.

3. They are extremely smart, yet humble.

There’s a fine line between being smart and overly smart and German men don’t cross that. In a survey, it was found that men born in Germany are the most intelligent in all of Europe and some of the smartest in the world. They know they are smart, but they don’t brag about it.

4. They love the old-fashioned way.

People in Germany are pretty old-fashioned and still believe in the good old way of loving like writing letters, going on awkward dates and opening up little by little. German men are Romeos who do not believe in rushing things. They don’t mind waiting and they try their best to make their partner comfortable.

5. They are shy.

Here’s the thing: German men cannot flirt. They are adorably shy and often talk less during the early stages of dating. They, however, let their eyes do all the talking and make you feel loved by their actions.

6. They are always on time.

German men are widely known for their punctuality, adding another feather to their crown. They are always on time and have a good memory, so their partner doesn’t have to worry about missing a movie or being late for something. You can also count on them to plan dates in advance!

7. They are caring and kind.

Basically, German men are hot, tall, smart, caring, punctual, and don’t have commitment issues — they are the whole package deal that most women wish for! The ideal partner.

Do you agree that German men are totally dating and marriage material? Have you ever been in a relationship with a person from another country? Share your experience with us!