Faint Cries for Help Police in the Woods Missing 5-Month-Old Baby

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If you ask most cops how they want their day to go, many of them will tell you that they want it to be as peaceful and unincidental as possible. Although it is their responsibility to react to crises as needed, they would prefer to have no crises at all, just like everyone else.

We live in the true globe, of course, where awful things sometimes occur. Cops know that even the most harmless of calls they answer have the potential to be a terrible crisis. After deputies responded to a particular call for public disturbance, it would take a horrific turn they couldn’t predict…

Causing A Ruckus

Missing Baby Story

On a Saturday night in the small, unincorporated community of Lolo Hot Springs, Montana, Deputies got a call about a man causing a disturbance in public. As they made their way to the scene, additional 911 calls came in that said the man was threatening various people, claiming he had a gun and was reaching into his pockets.

Maybe On Something

Missing Baby Story
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From the calls, it seemed the man was certainly in a state of distress and was probably in an altered state, either drunk or high on one drug or another. But by the time deputies reached the scene, the man had already left the area. That might have been the end of things if witnesses at the scene hadn’t told them something alarming…

Local Guy

Missing Baby Story

The man was apparently a local named Francis who had been living in a camp near the hot springs in Lolo National Forest. He was unemployed and had no money of his own but lived with a woman who worked nearby and, while she was working, he would care for her 5-month-old baby.

Where’s The Baby?

Missing Baby Story

But according to witnesses, that little boy hadn’t been seen for hours. What had started off as one man being too rowdy — and potentially armed and dangerous — had quickly turned into something much more terrifying: an infant that was unaccounted for…

Not Making Sense

Missing Baby Story

As the deputies were speaking to witnesses on the scene, Francis showed up again, still rowdy and disoriented. He was quickly apprehended by the authorities and as they tried to question him, it became obvious that he was under the influence of drugs. The answers he was providing to the officers’ questions just weren’t making any sense.

Conflicting Stories

Missing Baby Story

Francis told investigators that he’d crashed his car after losing control and driving off of some back road in the nearby woods. He hadn’t been seriously injured in the crash and was able to walk away. But he gave conflicting stories about what happened to the baby that was in his care and in the car at the time…

Strung Out

Missing Baby Story
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Francis, who investigators would later find was high on methamphetamines and bath salts was unable to say how long ago the crash had been. He variously claimed that the baby he had left the baby alive, lying by the side of the road or had died inside the car in the crash or that he’d buried him somewhere in the woods.

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